Polo Club Marketing

Full range of digital marketing services for polo clubs

Digital marketing services focused on delivering tangible results for polo clubs

Partners and brands we work with

Before extending our services to polo clubs, we have built a portfolio of clients in the polo industry, our own marketing channels and established partnerships with key polo associations.

Polo Club Marketing

How much does it cost you to get one booking for a polo lesson? For one of your polo holidays offer? Or for an event booking?

We help to answer those questions by creating content, ads and websites you need to find out.

In addition to traditional channels for ads such as Facebook and Instagram we offer promotion through Polo World channels and through partnerships with polo media.

Polo World Channels

Professional polo club features, premium spot in the newsletter, and help with setting up your offers on our booking platform.

Paid Ads

Setup professional ads on Facebook and Instagram and drive existing and new players to your polo club.

Event Branding

We start by creating all the design assets you need to get promote your event. From ads, to event invitations, posters and tickets.

Event Promotion

Dedicated event page, marketing campaign and ticketing software setup. So that you can sell your tickets online and easily manage guests on site.

Increase event attendance and ticket sales

How many event attendees do you attract for your tournaments or Sunday practice chukkers? How much do you spend on advertising to attract the crowd you want? Have you set up recurring events that drive spectators to your club?

We can help you promote your tournaments or recurring events from start to finish.

Get more sponsors

Do you have any existing sponsorship packages? How does it look like? What facilities can your sponsors access and what services can you provide on site?

We will help you prepare your sponsorship offer. Once it's ready we will add you to our database of sponsorship opportunities for brands in polo.

This is a new service and participation is free of charge as we have just started building our database of sponsorship offers.

Create your offers

Define the sponsorship opportunities, highlight your facilities and provide the answers sponsors need to choose your club.

Get RFPs delivered to your inbox

Join our sponsorship platform — a service we are building now for brands that want to promote their services in polo clubs around the world.

Polo World Services

Extending premium access to Polo World Services

In addition to digital marketing services, we will extend you premium access to our own marketing channels, inculding our Booking Platform and Polo World Newsletter.

Polo Club Features

Polo Club Features

Professional introduction of your polo club and services.

Need help with polo marketing?