Polo Event Promotion

Increase event attendance, sell standard and VIP tickets online.

Event Brief

In the brief we will ask you a range of questions that will help us determine the scope of the project and better prepare for our free session.

Free introductory session

During the session we would like to better understand your objectives for the event and:

  • Learn more about your previous events to establish benchmarks for ticket sales or other metrics.
  • Find out if you need support with areas related to digital marketing such as event promotion through online channels? Or also support with branding or preparation of print materials?


Once you decide to work with us our team will prepare a detailed step by step plan for promotion of your event that includes all the digital and print assets that we will create for each communication channel. You will also receive an estimation of the cost of reaching the goals that we've set for the project.

Event Promotion

Putting the strategy into practice. Our team will write, design and produce everything we need to promote your event. From invitations, through digital ads, event website. We will then distribute the ads and work with your team to setup optimal ticketing solution.

On-site / Remote

Choose how you'd like to work with us

Our team is fully remote, with team members based in Europe and the US. Depending on the needs of your project and availability of our team we can also offer contracts on-site. Especially in project that involve a lot of content production.

Need help with event promotion?