Polo World & FIP Programme

Set of promotional tools for polo clubs

We help polo associations extend the latest set of marketing tools to affiliated polo clubs.

Endorsed by the FIP

Our venture is endorsed by the FIP, supported by the Argentine Polo Association (AAP) and sponsored by luxury Argentine sportswear and equipment brand, La Martina.

Join the other top polo associations who are already helping us to promote the sport worldwide

Join the growing number of polo associations participating in our programme.

In exchange for your help to create the first ever online directory of verified clubs and offers, your association and affiliated polo clubs will be rewarded with a package of benefits.

Time committment
Minutes interview
Survey to fill out by each polo club from your association — based on which we generate polo club offer page
Minute per club — to verify information provided in the survey
Polo Associations

The benefits of collaboration with us

As a thank you for participating, your association will receive a benefits package featuring four free promotional tools that will help put your local polo scene on the world map without making a dent in your annual budget.

  • A professional writer will capture all the colour and excitement of your local scene in a 500-word article.
  • A profile page in the Polo World online directory will be created for each one of your affiliated clubs, helping them to attract new players.
  • Feature photos that best represent how polo is played in your country
  • All the essential information that visiting polo players need to know will be gathered together in one place

Facilitate polo travel to your country

Introduce your polo scene to players from around the globe.

Polo Clubs

Participate to help support your favorite polo clubs

This programme supports the clubs which form the beating heart of polo by offering them free promotion and in over 30 countries ability to sell polo lessons and other services online.

It's an opportunity for clubs to share their latest offers, facilities and social media links with players everywhere via a single trusted online resource at no cost. Through the Polo World directory, they can attract new players and gain a clear overview of what facilities and services are available at clubs elsewhere.

3 new marketing channels for polo clubs

Extend polo clubs affiliated with your association instant access to new marketing channels.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Step 1

Introductory Call

We start with a call to show you which services will be available in your country and to learn more about polo clubs you'd like to recommend as travel destinations.
Step 2

Information Verification

We start with a call to show you which services will be available in your country and to learn more about polo clubs you'd like to recommend as travel destinations. We will ask you verify key information about each polo club and once their information is verified we will send them an invitation to create their first offer.
Step 3

From Collection to Publication

Clubs will use an online form to create their offers. Roughly after one month after our interview we will publish a polo guide to your country together with all the offers from local polo clubs that we've gathered during our collaboration.

Promote polo tourism to your country

If you represent a national polo association, use the form to get in touch