Polo World Services

Services we've build for the polo community

We have built a range of services for the world of polo. Working together they help to connect players, clubs and national associations.

Polo Booking Platform

Easy way for players to book their polo experience online and a set of tools for polo clubs to manage their online bookings and payments.

Polo Directory

Online directory containing detailed information about nearly 900 polo clubs. We are currently in the process of verifying the information we’ve collected with national polo associations.

Polo Travel Newsletter

Collecting offers in a standardised way from polo clubs that are currently active. To provide polo players with ready to book itineraries around the world.


Problems we have set out to solve with our services

Secure polo travel booking application

Polo Industry needs more transparency and a secure polo travel booking application, which is on par with apps available in other sports.

Polo "Yellow Pages"

Our polo directory, levels out the playing field. Every club can create a website that describes their facilities, available offers and includes the contact information players need to get in touch.

We have gathered information on nearly 900 clubs.

Project Pipeline 2022

Upcoming Projects

Polo Job Board

Connecting polo clubs and patrons with professionals who work in polo including players, grooms, umpires and club managers.

Polo Ponies Buy/Sell

Connecting polo pony sellers with buyers. We will also part of the website dedicated to polo pony breeders.

Associations Page

Helping national polo associations to share the information visiting players should have access to. Including information about polo clubs based in the country as well as upcoming tournaments and local service providers.