Tips and resources to help you plan your trip to Argentina in 2020

November 6, 2020
Polo World Team

With over 300 registered polo clubs based in 23 provinces, Argentina offers sheer diversity in terms of polo, local sights and travel experiences. That’s before we even mention a range of high goal polo tournaments, top polo auctions and of course the unique nightlife. 

Over the years, thousands of players from all over the world have flocked to Argentina each year for the high season. 

This year is unfortunately different.

As a result of the global pandemic, there’s a lot of uncertainty among players who are considering taking a trip to Argentina. Questions that often first come to mind include what travel restrictions can i expect? Which events will take place? In what form? Or how can I safely make a booking? 

There is even more uncertainty within the whole polo supply chain in Argentina, which might take the hardest hit in many years.

Supporting tourism to Argentina together with the AAP and La Martina

Since the beginning of this year we’ve been working with our partners - La Martina and the Argentina Polo Association (AAP) to select the first 30 clubs that will be invited to join Polo World — service we’ve developed to help you find and safely book polo experiences at top polo clubs around the world. 

Until recently our service was available only to polo clubs invited by our partners. Some of the top polo clubs in the world are already featuring their offers including: Val de Vie in South Africa, Guards Polo Club in the UK and Jnan Amar Polo Club based in Morocco.

But as many businesses do now, we’ve decided to change our approach to support our community. 

Removing the unnecessary steps and obstacles from the process and making booking polo holidays nearly as easy as booking a hotel room.

We decided to first open our doors to polo clubs based in Argentina. Through our service polo club managers can quickly create great looking offers and take advantage of the tools that will help them manage their offers, bookings and communication with polo players in one place.

You can now explore more than 20 offers from polo clubs in Argentina by going to our booking platform.

We won’t apply any fees to booking made through our platform over the next 6 months.

What’s different from a polo player's perspective?

We felt one major thing was missing when it comes to booking your polo experience — transparency in terms of the offers. 

Put simply.

We want to make sure you know exactly what services will be provided for you during your stay, what facilities are waiting for you there and what price you will pay for the experience.

All in one clear and easy to access format, with no hidden fees.

How it works?

Select what you want to do and where you want to go and explore the wide range of unique polo experiences that best match what you are looking for.

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You can now search for polo lessons, chukkas, weekend, weekly or two week polo vacation experiences. 

Let’s say you’re planning a two week polo getaway in Buenos Aires in early December.

Simply choose two week vacation experiences, select Buenos Aires and explore offers from different polo clubs that come with a clear summary of the services that will be provided and a price tag, all in one place. 

The price for services included in the offer is guaranteed by Polo World and the host — to save you from any surprises when you arrive. 

Local polo tips and verified club contacts to help you find direct contact to each polo club in Argentina

What’s unique about each province? In terms of polo and what sights and activities you can explore there? 

In our polo directory you will be able to find a page for each province of Argentina. We call them mini guides, at least for now... as the information is currently limited to polo clubs based there and their contact details. 

You can use these pages right now to contact polo clubs and request offers directly before they become available on our booking platform.

“Mini guides” are just a start. Together with the National Institute for Tourism Promotion (IMPROTUR) we’re working on creating quality articles, interviewing the local polo community members and producing videos that will give polo players around the world a glimpse into the specific polo lifestyle and unique characteristics of different provinces and cities.

With time, our polo guides will be packed with local insights and tips shared by local players regarding polo hotspots (hangout spots, restaurants, nightlife), must-see events and local attractions. Think of those features as smaller pieces of a larger polo guide book.

What’s next?

While some blog posts and mini guides will be freely available in the blog you’re reading right now. Our community website is a place where we will publish more comprehensive guides, travel itineraries, up to date tips that will help you organise your stay.

In addition to that we wanted to use our polo community as a channel where you can find last minute discount codes for polo experiences in Argentina. 

Last minute bookings help polo clubs reduce the risk of cancellations, while giving you a better price than you’d normally get. 

Plus it’s a polo community after all, perhaps in addition to our polo travel tips you can find out something from other members or find a travel buddy.

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