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Organizing a polo experience abroad isn’t as easy as it sounds. Most polo clubs share only part of information on their website, making it difficult to tell what services they offer and how much your trip will cost. 

Clubs in Argentina often struggle with bookings from aboad because they lack the necessary language skills or simply do not have enough staff to handle the extra enquiries. 

Following the personal recommendations of professionals or other players will only connect you with a small fraction of the many amazing polo clubs that operate outside of your home country. 

The Do-It-Yourself Method

Imagine for a moment that you are planning a polo getaway at one of Argentina’s 300 registered clubs. With so little information available online, how will you be able to compare the different experiences available and pick the one that’s right for you? 

The logical approach would be to contact each club individually and ask them a prepared set of questions to find out exactly what services they offer, who provides the services, what the club and facilities are like, how much the different services costs, and how to book. 

All the information you gathered would then need to be entered into a spreadsheet so you could compare the results. 

Aside from being slow and labour-intensive, this method relies on every club you contact telling you the truth. How confident could you really be in the quality of the facilities? Could you be 100% sure that the price that you’d end up paying would be the same one you were quoted?

The questions you ask each club might leave you in the dark regarding key details such as terms and conditions. You could end up losing money if you have to cancel or having to pay steep equipment hire costs which weren’t mentioned before your arrival.   

Besides, staying on top of all the various enquiries via email, WhatsApp or over the phone would be a stretch for even the most organized among us!        

And finally, using the do-it-yourself method could mean that you miss out on a ton of unique and incredible off the beaten track polo experiences that aren’t widely promoted. These hidden gems might include a 4-night stay in a boutique hotel in Cordoba, three days of first-rate polo and a day of wine tasting and sampling the local culinary delights.  

Fortunately, there is a new way to discover the best polo experiences the world has to offer. 

The Smart Way to Book Your Next Polo Trip

The Polo World platform makes booking a polo trip as quick and easy as booking a hotel room.

We gather all the information you need from the best polo clubs all around and put it into one user-friendly and searchable website. The facilities and accommodation of each club are individually verified so there are never any nasty surprises when you arrive at your destination.

A frustrating and confusing lack of clarity in polo club pricing prompted us to adopt a completely transparent pricing policy for Polo World. This means that the cost and content of every polo experience is clearly displayed and will not change after you have made a booking.

With Polo World, you always know exactly what services will be provided for you during your stay, what facilities are there waiting for you and what price you will pay for the experience. There are never any hidden fees. 

The same core information – covering categories like services and polo facilities – is displayed for each listing, making it easy to compare different polo experiences.

For extra clarity, every experience listed on the Polo World site features high quality photographs and professionally written descriptions. 


It’s Really That Easy 

Booking a polo trip via the Polo World platform is really straightforward. Simply select the type of experience you want to have and where you want to go, then explore the wide range of unique polo experiences that match your preferences.

You can choose anything from a single polo lesson, practice chukkers or polo weekend up to a dedicated polo vacation that lasts for a week or two. 

After selecting which area you wish to visit, for example Buenos Aires, you can also search the Polo World database by playing level. Experiences range from introductory sessions for absolute beginners right up to intensive one to one coaching sessions at the very highest level. 

Click on any listed polo experience and you will be able to view a clear summary of the services that will be provided together with a price tag, all in one place


Current Club Offers 

From day one, Polo World has attracted the attention and interest of the very best polo clubs from around the world. 

We are proud to feature polo experiences at Val de Vie in South Africa’s breath-takingly beautiful Pearl Valley, at Guards Polo Club in the Great Park at Windsor overlooked by royal residence Windsor Castle, and at Morocco’s Jnan Amar Polo Club, framed by the stunning Atlas Mountains and just 20 minutes from vibrant Marrakech. 

Top clubs and prime locations with amazing experiences to offer polo players and their guests, both on and off the polo field. Golf fans will swoon over the award-winning Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course at Val de Vie and who can possibly resist a pampering session at Jnan Amar Polo Estate’s Ritz-Carlton spa?

And that’s just the start.


Polo Experiences in Argentina

Polo World is thrilled to share that we are currently growing our offering in Argentina through local partnerships with La Martina and the Argentina Polo Association (AAP).

There is simply no other place in the world where the range of polo experiences for all levels is so diverse. In Argentina players can choose between hundreds of clubs and swing a mallet all year-round. 

Our partners have been working hard to select the best polo clubs in the country. The top 30 will be invited to join Polo World.  


As our CEO put it:

“Our goal right now is to focus on security and the quality of the hosts we bring into the platform. That’s why we have established a partnership with the AAP to help reach the clubs that come highly recommended first. We will also be looking for those unique gems: those places off the beaten track that are harder to find if you are not ‘in the know’ and put a lot of emphasis to learning more from our guests and hosts as we go along. Rather than aggressively pursuing as many polo clubs as possible around the world, we are cherry picking the very best, the most unique. Finding offers and listing clubs is just the beginning. With each new market and territory that we enter, we will be working heavily on creating quality articles, interviewing the local polo community and producing videos that will give polo players from around the world a glimpse into the specific polo lifestyle in different cities and countries.Our guides will be packed with local insights and tips shared player to player and will highlight polo hotspots, must-see events and local attractions. Think of our articles as smaller pieces of a larger polo guidebook.”


Why Choose Polo World? 

First of all, we take verification seriously.

For each club, the journey to be make it onto the Polo World platform begins with a recommendation from the AAP or from another project partners.

Recommended clubs are then vetted through a series of interviews to ensure that they meet our criteria and that they are able to provide the very best quality polo, club facilities, instructors and ponies.

After a club has been assessed, we negotiate the standard conditions that will apply to all of the club bookings made via Polo World. These conditions are put in place to guarantee that the price you see for the specific experience and services you have booked is what you will get.

By negotiating these details on your behalf, we are able to avoid most common scenarios that lead to disputes such as what happens in the event of a cancellation or if you can’t play on a rainy day.

Once a club accepts the conditions, our staff will personally visit the club site to verify the facilities and take photos, videos and notes based which our writers will use to prepare a listing. 

Only after completing all the steps will our team prepare and publish the polo offers put forward by the club on Polo World.


Onward and Forward

We have just had the pleasure of launching the Polo World platform. This first version of our service will be available to players and polo clubs on an invitation only basis. 

Further announcements regarding our newest member clubs and the unique experiences you will be able to access via Polo World will be made during the sixth edition of the Thai Polo Cup in Argentina, which we are extremely proud to sponsor. 

Since it was established in Argentina in 2014 by Harald Link, the Thai Polo Cup has grown exponentially, and will this year see sixteen 14-goal teams compete. 

The announcement will also contain information on how individual polo players can obtain invitations to join Polo World and the date on which we will be accepting applications for verification from new clubs. 

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